Why is WordPress Ideal for Creating Small Business Websites

Why is WordPress a great option for small business websites?

It’s easy to use for the busy small business owner or solo entrepreneur, that’s why I think it’s best.  You may think wordpress is only for blogs! Before I became a tech geek, that’s what I thought as well. In fact it is now used as a basis of many websites-it’s a CMS, a content management system.  The reason it’s hugely popular from big companies to celebrities is that once it’s set up it’s easy to make changes to.

That’s what “content management system” means, it’s easy for the end user-business owner to make the most likely changes.  Changes such as adding a page of new info, new services etc. are fairly easy to do.
A web designer, creates your website for you for a variety of reasons.  It’s still best to hire a web design professional-yes there are many do it yourself template systems out there.  Feel free to call to discuss why that may not be best, the learning curve can be frustrating and  your time is precious.  A web designer will make sure site is optimized, that means search engines and thus customers can find your small business!  And what about navigation around the site, that can be tricky for a business owner to set up themselves- does navigation make sense to a newbie!

Sometimes as business owner you know too much about your business and can leave out or assume basic knowledge that a customer may not have! I’m sure you have talked to someone in another industry who simply can’t speak in “plain English” but can only use their tech talk.

Those are some reasons to hire someone whose business it is to create websites, they look at them all day long.  Typically a designer will also check out your competitors sites for good and bad practices before doing your site.  And as a web designer myself, I often find ways that someones old site is confusing-it may omit crucial info. For example I’ve been on sites where simply finding the address is hard!  Basic stuff.

Once site is designed beautifully to convey your small business message, then you can make changes on your own website EASILY!  Content management systems (CMS) are a way for someone with little technical knowledge to update their own website.  A content management system allows you to bring a web-page up to date in just a few minutes. It’s just like writing in your favorite word processing program.

If your website used WordPress as  content management system, you could:

* Make minor or major copy changes on your site’s pages or blog posts
*Add pages (the style and look is already coded in.) You realize you need a FAQ page-and have the time-you could do that yourself or choose to pass it on to your web tech.
* Create text styles in the same way you would use a word processor. Bold, italic, underlined, colored text and much more… there’s even a spellchecker!
* In WordPress, you can: add or switch out pictures, YouTube Videos and edit calendars with just a few clicks of your mouse.
* Interact with your visitors by allowing them to comment on your pages and articles, and you’ll always have complete control over the discussion. Or choose to shut off comments for a site that is more of a static website and not a blog.  Though it’s easy to have a interactive blog page as part of your WordPress website.

I highly recommend getting your site designed and layout done using WordPress*, self-hosted (owned by you.)  Then it’s secure, you an add functions that you need, and potentially rank highly on search engines for customers wanting your service!

*This is not the free WordPress.com that hosts literally millions of sites (that is not recommended for a small business) unless you have 0 cash and want to do it temporarily- this article is about using WordPress as a CMS on your own hosted private website.

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