Writer Crushes #1: Molly Crabapple

Just discovered Molly Crabapple (first of all what an awesome name) via a wonderful podcast on Longform.com.  This is direct page to her interview- the beginning intro is confusing as it sounds like it’s about someone else.

I picked her to listen to as it mentioned she is a writer and an artist.  And that caught my attention as I also do both.  She’s been very successful even though she is def. a bit rough and wild, but she’s so genuinely herself- I respect that.  Seh’s got

Warning she cusses at lot! But what a fearless, outrageous individual- so be warned she is pretty out there, was a former burlesque worker, East Village denizen, but she’s a hustler, began making money from her art as an outsider- from a seemingly blue collar background.

She now is a columnist for Vice, and  has written for NY Times and Vanity Fair to name a few.  She did what sounds like an awesome piece on Guantanamo, and travels into dangerous zones not out of stupidity but because she cares and wants to see for herself.

Her website:




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