What You Need to Know About Getting Customers to Your Website

Men running in speedo'sBasically SEO (search engine optimization) helps your business website to rank higher in search results (SERPS.) Thus bringing more traffic to your website, from search engines than your competition gets!

Potential clients query Google for things like “dentist who does emergency fillings Hillsdale,”  if you don’t show up on page 1- it’s highly unlikely that person will find you. 

Most people-unless it’s an urgent need, will seek info first as a process of educating themselves;  they might start with, things like “is getting teeth capped expensive?”  Or to use the dental analogy again, “kids dentists near (town name.)  If your website has blog posts or pages on that topic and you are near the querant- you’re more likely to show up on first page.

Some of the examples given might apply to those newer to an area who may not have seen your ads or have connections to get recommendations from.  In any case especially for certain types of business, getting found via Google can be a very important part of a marketing plan.

I’ve included a short video (3.5 min.) that is a few years old but gives an easy fast overview of what SEO is! If you are a consultant/professional or small/medium sized business and you want to grow your business online, and increase your website traffic, you may call it “online marketing.”  SEO is also called “internet marketing” sometimes.

Being seen on the first few pages and ideally page 1 will help bring in a lot more customer inquiries via phone or contact form.

LINKED IN Readers, here’s PART 2:

The video covers the basics of SEO, that many business owners especially those with an older (5 years or more) website are not even aware of.   The search landscape changes often, think of Google’s, Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates- it’s hard for a business owner to track all of this and run a business.

Even professional SEO consultants are constantly researching and tweeking things to boost targeted traffic to a website.

And seo techniques that “worked” in the past are not always as effective going forward.  I only recommend what are called “white hat” techniques, just think old Westerns, the good guy (gal?) wore white hats.  Or if you are a Scandal (TV show) fan you’ve seen the reference used with the Kerry Washington character!

The basics of SEO start with interesting, helpful, well written content.  That’s why many experts recommend having a blog on your website, and updating it regularly.   

If the big search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo) can’t read and understand what’s on your website it won’t perform well and they won’t send traffic to your website!  Along with writing for business, I can give best practices to make sure your website is being indexed properly by the search engines. 

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