Webification Wednesday! Meta-Analysis of Blogging Tips Post

Webification Wednesday!

I’ll share a great post, tip, infographic whatever- on content marketing, writing for your business, social media and all that good stuff.

Today’s chosen post to spotlight is from the amazing Copyblogger, website.  It’s called:

35 Blogging Tips to Woo Readers and Win Business

Aside for the awesome depth of content, what writers or small biz owners who blog can learn in-

My analysis:

  • Notice and copy the use of numerous links back to other articles (internal links) within their own website!
  • Awesome “List Post” format, “35 Blogging Tips…”– ever popular!
  • Masterful use of web formatting: lots of bold, great subheads, so you can scan to what you want to know.  Great ease of reading.

Read the post and copy the technical aspects to make your blog more readable and popular.

PS.  Also note quirky use of imagery.

See ya,


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