New Real Estate Agent Bio Examples

Real estate agent biography samplesIf you are a new real estate agent and need bio examples- you are in the right place.  I’ll dive right in so you can begin writing a new realtor bio.  Follow these tips and it will sound great and attract new clients to work with you, to buy or sell their property.

Rather than examples which are hard to find, (see first note below) as no-one emphasizes “gee I’m new to this!”  I explain in detail how to write a compelling real estate bio, that doesn’t make you sound “green.”

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  1. Don’t mention that you are new.   That’s first and foremost- why would anyone choose you in that case over a a colleague with more years in specific neighborhoods and experience at making deals?
    1. Best approach is start with what you did previously.  Where you in marketing, business or sales?  Take that experience, describe it and extract the skills that you learned in that field and why they make you the person to go to for buying a condo for example.  If possible highlight wins in that field.
    2. Even though your are new as an agent, if you’ve have lived in the area, for any length of time do mention that.
    3. Highlight your education if it’s fairly impressive or if in college you gained experience that’s worth sharing.  Info such as you headed up something-student organization or won a national prized for….(but tie any such mention back into real estate.)
  2. Basics:  Length of bio should be around 250 words or so.  One thing I see again and again that is a negative is the bio isn’t formatted for ease of web reading.  Rather than a long tangle of text. Break it into small paragraphs, perhaps subheads and use bolding.  Make it easy on the eyes.  It’s been proven that internet readers skim, make it easy for them.
  3. Testimonials.  As soon as possible start asking for (in writing,) testimonials from clients who are pleased with your work.  Get them as soon as possible, it will be better when they are still freshly excited about that great coop you got them!  Ideally you will want to provide a format of the testimonial-make it easy for them.  One very useful format is:
    1.  What was their original situation and problem, ie. they need to find a rental fast in particular neighborhood for kids school and near new job.  They can mention that and how stressed they felt.
    2. The action: hiring you.
    3. The result:  the perks of the apt., their kid got to attend the school they wanted as a result, it has great light, great eat in kitchen and you found it fast!cropped-IMG_0864.jpg
  4. Personalize & Photo.  Mention hobbies, volunteer work and any thing that is a bit unusual (but a positive,) so people can begin to form a connection to you.  With your volunteer activities-write them to highlight your connection to the area you serve.  A clear professional looking head shot is best, dress nicely of course and a smile is always helpful.
  5. Contact info.  Right at top, put how to get in touch right on that page (even though it’s elsewhere) your email, phone and a V card download.
  6. SEO for marketing.  Search engine optimization is important even on your bio page.  So a final tip is to mention the key areas,  towns or counties you serve or want to highlight.  In densely populated areas like NYC you might want to mention neighborhoods you serve or want to build an expertise in.  This is crucial to have throughout your website as most people, (think of how you search,) put service type “realtor” and then area “Bayview”  in query.  Location is a key factor in how Google returns SERP’S (search engine page results.)

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