Ithaca, Albany & Syracuse Area Freelance Writer

picture of Canandaigua Lake, NY StateIf your business is located in the Capital region of New York, Syracuse or Ithaca, get in touch, I can advise on marketing to get more sales via content & SEO writing for your business website or blog.

I love upstate New York, it’s got gorgeous land, some very cool towns and of course Albany the state capital.   I I attended SUNY Albany before transferring to Mt. Holyoke College.  And I’ve worked in academia in the Syracuse area as well!

The website with the most content of good or better

quality that answers peoples questions wins!

It can be hard for a small or medium sized business to come up with regular ideas for blog posts.  And you may not be a great writer, plus you are busy enough running your business.  I can provide a calendar of targeted post ideas and titles, generating an editorial calendar for the company to write.  Or if time is really short and writing is not a forte, I can also package in the writing of the posts or articles for  your website.

Statistics show that successful business who see a high ROI from content marketing usually blog weekly, to gain traction and visitors.

Our work together start’s with a thorough conversation and research into your current marketing materials;  together we discuss your goals: customer acquisition, education on issues (if non-profit for example,) getting visitors to sign up for an email list (if entrepreneur.)

It varies but each client’s needs determine the precise content that is created for their business website, newsletter or email.

Use contact form anytime.

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