Is Your Website Too Simple? SEO Marketing Tips for Wedding Venue Websites

Wedding Venue Website SEO & Marketing

My article originally published on LinkedIn.

I was recently looking at wedding venues in a lovely vacation area in the northeastern U.S. After I Googled “wedding venue+ town name,” I then went to page 3 results. This was research on my part- I planned to reach out to those just off page 1 that I thought I could help to rank better.

I quickly found a lovely historic property that hosted weddings, really captivating. And what’s more it had a great historical tie-in that made it even more special.

Why was it ranking so low?

Wedding Venue house & garden

The same thing was happening to a recent contact, who got in touch because their apartment complex, with the town name in the website- still didn’t show on page 1 for rentals in that town. Strange!

I put on my sleuthing glasses. Here are some things that your site, say a local real estate complex or wedding venues (two niches where folks are likely to Google) may also be lacking. I mention just those two niches because they are when people may be looking at a different area for special event or they are moving to an area.

But these mistakes can apply to many types of business websites. These SEO tips are worth checking on your website:

They had gorgeous pictures of tents set up, table settings and the lush property. A+.


  • Those images had boring names like “house8_122016339.jpg.” No one is searching for “house+ #….” they might be searching for “wedding table setting” or “wedding venue by lake.”
    So if the pictures of the grassy lawn next to the lake were named “wedding_venue_lakefront.jpg” now you have a chance to rank and get seen.
  • Also that large header image took quite a while to load- slowing down page load speed which is a ranking factor.
  • The wedding venue website also was 1 page- what used to be called a “brochure website.” In fact they offered the download of a colorful PDF, but that PDF is not understandable to Google so all that info doesn’t get indexed.
  • What doesn’t get indexed basically is unknown and people won’t be led to it. The very thing they are looking for will elude them. The bride to be may be searching for an “historic wedding venue in… ” and never see their website.

The reasons they were not on page 1 were simple- they lacked enough relevant helpful text really- they had a home page with the unmarked pictures and a contact page. It turns out even though 3 “pages” are listed in the header- they really only had one page.

Basically a search engine would have very little cues as to what the website is about.

Basically a search engine would have very little cues and clues as to what the website is about- so why should it come up when I click “wedding venue in ….” A great analogy is a shy person being overshadowed by a bolder individual at a party. Everyone swarms around the latter, while leaving the potentially as interesting person alone.

The easiest way to fix this is content, helpful, engaging aimed at the type of people who use the service you offer. Simple but not easy.

  • Low quality content has gotten slammed by Google; there are best practices for writing for the web that differ from other forms of writing.
  • And research into keyword phrases are needed, as well as what gaps exist in current content.

Sometimes the business owner is so close to the industry that they can’t see simple “outsider” questions of potential clients.

As a SEO consultant & writer for small business, I look at a lot of websites and can often spot simple mistakes that hold a business back. Hope these tips help.

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