Does Your Website Need an Upgrade & Re-Design?

There are many good reasons to redesign your website:

  • To update website with new services, products, or better images
  • To make it look more “modern” and up-to date, it represents your business online
  • Get better web site performance & higher search engine rankings
  • To add new website features-like a newsletter, FAQ’s or blog pages
  • To address changing industry trends that competitors are targeting

Your website is the primary means of visibility and growth of your business.  Most people now do a search online for services or products.  In tough economic times it’s vitally important to have a strong web presence.  If your site is a few years old-take a fresh look at it or have a candid friend do it-styles change.   Remember your customers are used to seeing many websites.  Some common problems of older websites are: stiff presentation with lots of text and few images.  Text too small, or too close together.  Distracting background, that makes text hard to read.  Graphics that look dated (hard to describe) but you know it when you see it.  The look of websites has evolved.

Website Re-Design Tips & Considerations:  See my How to Plan For Your Website article for helpful step by step process.

Benefits of updating or redoing your site are:

  • Increased traffic to your site, leading to increased calls.  Also time is saved answering repetitive questions.
  • Get found by potential customers, especially  younger tech savvy ones, who are less likely to use the yellow pages.

Keep up with your successful competitors who have an online presence.  You basically can’t afford to not be online.  Hiring a web designer gets you online fast-with an attractive, easy to use site that  you can update yourself if you choose.  See my contact page to book a free website evaluation. I specialize in small business and holistic, healers and therapists but can create for all small business needs.  If your job is too complex I can recommend others to work with you.


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