SEO Tips: How I Got a New Website to Page 1 of Google Fast

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To get a site to rank on page one of Google takes effort.  Especially in terms of writing seo copy and keyword theme research.  I’ve done it.  And it’s well worth it to a small business owner!

All online seo (search engine optimization) writers stress that there is no guaranteed way to get your site to page one of Google.  But there are ways to make it rank better!  And depending on a variety of factors-it’s possible to end up on page 1 or 2.

I took a brand new website from not being in the first 200 listings for four key words, to being #6, 7, 10 and 4, in three weeks.  seoProofYBD1:27These same techniques and a few more have gotten existing small business websites to rank too. I actually worked on a website, a simple and small site the owner had designed.  It’s still a small site but better looking and more organized.  But the thing was, even when searching by business name-it didn’t show up!  That is a very bad sign.  Now it does.

In all cases I did less than the SEO gurus say to do-and it still worked!  So here are the factors I emphasize on websites, to improve SEO.  And these methods have gotten my clients sites to page one.

NEW WEBSITE LOCAL SEO Tips: Factors that affect organic search website ranking the most.

From my experience this is what I’ve seen to be the most important and therefore first steps I would take in setting up a new website for best search engine optimization:

  1. Research Keywords:  This means finding the keywords that you want your site to rank for. First brainstorm, what you think regular people would look for or call  your service?  Also definitely ask someone outside of your business about how they would look for your service.
  • Using a yoga studio in Brooklyn Heights as the example, a possible new customer might use key words like:  yoga studio Brooklyn Heights, yoga classes Brooklyn Heights, etc.  Also think of common abbreviations of and synonyms for words related to your business.
  • Using Googles’ Adword tool (free,) look up those keywords to find which ones are being searched for most.
  • Pick only two or three- keyword search terms to focus on for your website.

2. Page urls:  I know you have noticed on sites, the common “about” page.

  • I use that too, it’s important especially for a small business or entrepreneur to tell the story of their business and the why or driving passion that motivates the company.  But from a computer robots (search engine “bots”) point of view, the word “about” tells nothing!
  • So label the actual page that visitors see “about,” but-the url or web address should be:, to continue same example.  Say your “services” page is called that, but the actual address should be:  This change alone can make a huge difference in web page ranking well!
  • You can see how this makes sense, as you are trying to communicate, not just with people but with the bot that is crawling the web trying to understand what you website is about.

3. Relevant page text & info:  And of course, the words you write on all your pages need to use the chosen keywords.  This should be written in a way that sounds natural to a reader.

It’s surprising but some many websites-especially older sites, the info is so minimal and doesn’t even refer to the service offered very much.  Check yours now with that in mind.

  • You don’t want to do what’s called “key word stuffing” it won’t read well to a human and over a certain percentage you site will actually rank lower as it appears that you are trying to game the system.
  • Some tips: do use synonyms for your key word and related words.  So basically make the text about, what you are selling rather than writing in a more generic way.
    • So if you are a bakery- mention cakes, pies, cookies, sweets etc.  If you are wanting to build stronger sales of wedding cakes, make a page solely about “wedding cakes” use the above tips for page url and so on.  You would link to it from one of your more general page-perhaps your home page would provide the link.  As well as in your sidebar, have “wedding cakes” listed.

If your field is not too crowded and you are aiming locally with your business-these tips will work for your small business seo.  Part 2 an intro to business blogging, will follow up and give more tips on SEO for small business.  Follow this blog to not miss out.  Contact me for SEO consultation.


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