Secrets of Successful Website Marketing, Example #1

This is the first of a series of posts-primarily to serve you by providing examples of business who have successful websites that increase traffic and interest in their business.

This can be a great start to evaluate your website.  The second reason for this series on improving a website, is it feels good for me to promote these business and spread the love around by giving them more exposure and link love!  Today’s feature company website is: Yellow Leaf Hammocks

How I Heard About Them:
They were featured in a list post at of great “About” pages.  They caught my eye out of the whole list–because the image used showed a guy relaxing (on their hammock) and it said “relax and do good.”  It was eye catching and it matched my values- which is probably why I clicked on it.

I’m going to focus on their awesome home page, it has:

  • Clear images, rich color –(above the fold)
  • Clearly shows what’s for sale, what’s the service/product- Hammocks.
  • Benefits of the product: “Breezy, 100% handwoven hammocks • engineered for extreme comfort • soft, bright + weather-safe”
  • Conveys values- via tag line: “Each hammock directly supports artisan jobs + empowers hill-tribe families to rise from poverty.”
  • Conveys values- via images in slider (above the fold) of workers who benefit, and images of customers enjoying the use of their product.
  • Clear USP-unique selling proposition, which all the above add up to.  See a Kissmetrics article for an excellent breakdown of what is USP.
  • Delayed pop-up email list signup.  A great marketing tool.
  • Strong social proof, logos of sites they have been featured in like:  Elle Decor and Forbes.  Can you put testimonials or reviews you’ve had?
  • And finally and most important, the Shop pages are well laid out into distinct product offerings.

Take a look at your website and see if it includes these positives, can you or your designer add them?  Comments or to discuss a new website or search engine optimization of a website contact me via email or call 413.200.8230.


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