Planning Your Affordable Website Design for Small Business Pt. 2

Assuming you read and listened to the part one of Planning Website Design, if not check that out first.  And here is part 2 of the audio PlanningSmBusWebPt2 2, (audio doesn’t start till 1:50 sec in!!) it’s only 10 min long and will help you plan what you need for a new website.

Then you can go to:

Choosing a Domain Name for your website.

Lets start with domain name. An affordable website designer will work within your budget.  While we encourage clients to look at an get great ideas from other sites-be aware if it’s very flashy, it cost more money to create and maintain!

Choosing a domain name would seem easy.  But at this point it’s 2011 and many great names are gone. They were bought years ago, some by speculators who were I admit-really smart.  Names like”care,” see, or “home+anyword”  or “pets+anyword”  were like owning property on 5th Avenue in New York City.  So If your business name is:

John’s Auto, or,  it’s unlikely that’s still out there.  It’s easy to use a site such as GoDaddy or Bluehost (whom I use)  to check names. They will give you suggestions of close names when the one you want is not avialable.  Common tricks are to hyphenate,  “” or add location “”  Honestly it can be difficult to get the right name.  Also it’s great if your domain name has a popular search term for your industry in it- such as “tiresupply” or “carpenter” if those are your industries.  So in the latter case perhaps-“” may be worth a look. Check out short article on choosing a domain name: 10 Tips for Choosing A Domain Name.

Affordable in web design is relative, one can hire one’s nephew who graduated art school, or hire someone from India online.  Affordable needs to be fully understood in terms of what you get and how well your website functions fro you to bring in new clients and serve old ones! Good luck and stayed tuned for followup on each of the above website development & design factors.

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