Part 1: Small Business SEO NYC- How to Increase Your Website Ranking

A small business owner can compete with a big box store and rank well in local listings and organic search results.

Small business SEO for NYC business is very competitive for many reasons.  There are countless business even in a small area of NYC all vying for top spots on Google or Bing.   Poor reviews on sites like Yelp can hurt your small business.  And with rents sky high too, it’s easy for a business owner to forget about his/her web site and be overcome by just keeping up.  Out of sight, out of mind.   But-online,  that’s were potential customers go first.   New customers when doing “organic search,” looking for who provides a specific service or products use their mobile or laptop overwhelmingly;  if your site isn’t search engine optimized, you don’t rank well  & you’re losing business.

Let’s look at two sample businesses to help you understand one of the many steps an SEO expert would take to SEO your NYC based small business.  Perhaps you have a children’s toy’s shop-quirky, safe, learning toys, perhaps with a section of world inspired educational products.  You can compete with a Toys R’ Us on the local level but it takes consistent work.  Or perhaps you are a B& B in my NYC neighborhood of Chelsea in Manhattan.  Chelsea is a hotspot-it has art galleries, great restaurants and the wonderful Highline- an old train tracks turned into a landscaped garden walking path up in the air.

So lets look at some ways you can bring in more business via search engine optimization, either yourself or hiring a SEO consultant like me!

OPTIMIZE PAGE CONTENT  Sample #1: A NYC Bed & Breakfast Optimizing your on page content to showcase the good, services and neighborhood that you serve is SEO 101. Optimizing include things like making sure the keywords for your product or service and synonyms appear regularly on the page.  Let’s use the B&B as an example.

  • Make a visiting Chelsea for art themed page. List galleries near your B&B with brief description and perhaps link to their site.  First one needs SEO research on what terms customers use most.  There might be a huge difference in traffic between say “hot NYC galleries Chelsea” and “best Chelsea galleries,” for example.
  • Again when I provide small business SEO consulting, I would aim for the lesser trafficked phrase.  Experience tells me that’s it’s faster to rank on page 1 for less competitive  “long tail keywords.” I’ll write a followup post on that soon, subscribe to blog so you won’t miss anything.  So, that’s where you’d start to get more bang for your buck.  Important keyword phrase needs repeating & synonyms which might include-art, culture, galleries, painting, contemporary etc.
  • The url for page should be something like “www.MyB&B”  The exact phrase would require a keyword research by your SEO consultant.  The actual page name in your websites menu-that viewer sees could be:  “Art In Chelsea.”  It would be with a list of other pages you’ve optimized.
  • Since Chelsea is also a gay-friendly area, you might make another page same concept as above with gay themed  businesses, clubs near your B&B.  Use same naming concepts: “www.MyB& Chelsea-shops”  Again list businesses or even just link to a gay directory on that page. But do have keyword rich content not just list of links.  Make sure to use words relating to subject and repeat them throughout the copy in a natural way.

OPTIMIZE PAGE CONTENT Sample #2: A local toy store.

  • Make a page on safe educational toys!  If I were working for this client I would first do some SEO research after consulting with them. Use names of products that are constantly in stock, say ones called: Language Learning Curve and it’s blocks that teach language and eye hand coordination skills.  Include it and some other products and explain why they are great and how they help children-list benefits.
  • Have pictures of the toys-optimize the images, in the alt tag “Language Learning Curve blocks at”  or with keyword research we find that “safe educational toys” has lots of search-then label image “safe educational toys at, town name”
  • The url for page should be something like “ learning toys, or “safe educational toys” the exact phrase would require a keyword research by your SEO consultant.  The actual page name in your websites menu-that viewer sees could be:  Educational Toys.  It would be with a list of other pages you’ve optimized like “Toys Girls Love” or “Nature Education Toys” you get the idea…

Hope this helps and explains some of the steps involved in SEO work, contact me for SEO questions or to have me increase your NYC businesses’ site traffic.

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