How to Promote Your Business & Increase Website Traffic for Free

How to Increase Website Traffic?  Start A Business Blog.

55% more site visitors* for companies that blog, according to a Hubspot study.  It’s part of any SEO (search engine optimization) strategy.

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Why add a blog to your website?

  • Websites rank better in search engines, if they have more info and fresh content. A blog on your small business website can achieve both.
  • Appeals to customers needs.  Folks search on line to find a solution to a problem.  Your blog can basically be like answering FAQ’s, thus providing value for the potential customers.  This separates you from the competition.

What is a blog?

Basically a series of “posts” or short articles on various topics, usually sequenced in order from newest to oldest.  A website used to be rather static (relatively unchanging) thing.   But as technology made it easier to add fresh content-the distinction between a blog and a website now is blurry- a blog is a type of website or it can be 1 part of a website alongside more stable content.

How to Start the Blog?

If your website is built using a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla or DRupal-it means you can add content easily.

  1. Contact your designer if you are unsure of how to add a new page to your site and make the minor adjustment to make it show the “blog posts”- that you will be adding.
  2. If the term “blog” doesn’t appeal to you or sound professional enough, then-some other possible names for the page that will show the posts are:
  • Updates
  • Latest
  • Latest News

(see section #2, of another post, on naming the url of the page for best SEO juice)

What to Write About

I like to educate by giving examples as it’s often easiest way.  So I’ll use some sample businesses.

  1. Do think of your new blog as an extended FAQ-at first.  Make your first post address a common customer question-and that can provide many posts down the line.  It will help you get inside the head of customers.  What problems are they having that you solve?
  2. If you’re a dry cleaner-have posts on removing simple stains-and when not to try.
    • A hair salon- different services should have a nice post on what they are, with an attractive picture too perhaps.
    • Profile a long standing employee.  Or a long time customer?  I’ve seen yoga studios do profile of a student.
    • Or tie in with a current event-did someone famous announce a health issue or problem?
    • Review a product-with a clear disclaimer to protect yourself.
    • Showcase a recent success story-a problem you helped to solve.


How Often to Post?

As a small business owner myself I understand  you are busy, and basically can always find some work to do!  That’s why you are an entrepreneur.

  • I would say a minimum of 1x a month or bi-weekly.  Even better 1x a week.
  • Honestly it’s hard to be conclusive because, if your business has lots of competitors  and you are in a major city-then you need to do more-blog more to stand out.  You will also need ongoing SEO.
  • If you are in a small city or less competitive business-the 1x week till you have a bunch of posts can hold you ranking well for a year or more….it’s all hard to predict.

Contact me with questions or for affordable SEO Consulting Services, I will be honest with you if you are in a small metro area, non-competitive it’s easier to make you stand out and priced accordingly.  As I’ve mentioned elsewhere for some clients they simply needed a better website (not fancy but clear and brings in customers) and that was enough to put them on page 1!  It all depends.

Business Blogging Resources:

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Need more ideas?  Check out this post on 100 Practical Ideas for Small Business Blog Posts, to stimulate your own blog post writing..

Regards, Kala.


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