Affordable Small Business Website Design

What goes into creating an affordable small business website design?

Price is an important consideration in choosing a website designer. In face the cheapest is to not hire a professional at all but to do it yourself.  This saves money for sure-but it depends how much your time is worth.

TEMPLATES: There are many template sites out there that one can use to create a good to decent web site.  Some are Homestead and Intuit.  A bit pricier and stylish but great if  you have some creative background is Squarespace or Wix.  And then of course there is Weebly a step down from the last two but easy to use.

So why not do it yourself?  Again time and frustration.  If you have very small business and no cash, it’s fine to use them.  But, like anything, if this is new to you-like many things you don’t know what you don’t know!  What a professional  web-designer will do includes:

  1. help you choose domain name,
  2. register it for you
  3. really help you clarify who you want your business to attract
  4. build a appropriate, not a cookie cutter site that-is easy to navigate through
  5. And gets found on search engines, by ranking as high as possible.

I’ll explore each one in detail in upcoming articles. See part two for info on choosing a domain name, it’s unlikely you will get the exact name of your business at this point in web history.

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