3 Online Tools to Find a Yoga/Massage/Holistic Business Name

Welcome, I hope this info is helpful, as a webdesigner and SEO consultant for small business, I often have need to use these tools.  I’ve reviewed 3 free online tools to help create, a new creative name for a holistic, massage, yoga type business.*  There are others, see end of post.  I’ve tried about 15 of them and it’s exhausting. Here’s the best with a short blurb on why I find it helpful!  Also you must read my helpful tips on what makes for a good domain name for holistic business here first! It covers some important SEO (search engine optimization) concepts.

*Do consult with your attorney or business advisor as to the proper steps to secure a business name. 

  1. Leandomainsearch.com–  really plain look to it but I put in “coffee” and in a few seconds it generated over a thousand names including- “LunarCoffee”  “Coffee Portfolio” “Titan Coffee.”  Has filters of search such as length, alphabetical, available (very important!)  Your word can start or end the suggested names. +Lots of ideas +fast ++ Tells if available on Twitter and if free blog on WordPress is avail.
  2. Namemesh.com Like it’s easy and clear interface.  I put in “massage maven” and it has categories, so under common top level domains ie. “com” “org” category, it tells you what’s available. But more interesting also gives “fun” results-such as “massagemavenly.com!” which is cute and catchy.  And under Similiar results- “Kneadmaven.com” also cute.   + Ones it labels “SEO” friendly +
  3. Wordoid.com/ MY FAVORITE! But only if you want a slightly “exotic” name.  I came up with my site name “DesignGeekster” using this tool.  It allows you to mix, English with French, Spanish, German or Italian in various ways to create creative new words.  Trying “coffee” again with a blend of English and French among many suggestions I got “TzaCoffee.”  Trying one with “yoga” I got….” yoganium.com” and many other zany results. +Mix of languages guarantees a creative, different result +You can limit length of name.

All of these tools allow you to directly buy from their chosen domain name sellers, but if you found this helpful consider buying via my affiliate link from Bluehost (whom I use myself) and get a reward!

And if this isn’t enough here is an article which gives 18 domain name tools-it gets repetitive but you may find one you like even better! Let me know in comments or email.

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