Why I’m a Million Dollar Listing (NY) Geek!

Luis Ortiz real estate agent standing

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Tonight is the season finale of Million Dollar Listing NY, and I need to catchup.  An ongoing dispute as to who “owns” the remote in my dwelling,  has caused me to miss episodes.  But this is more about why I love the show and other home show geek musings.  I also adore Love it or List It (not 2 though!) And House Hunters International!

Why I love Luis, on Million Dollar Listing: 

Ok I know sounding like “I Love Lucy” is a slur that someone used against my beloved Luis at some time, (to make fun of his accent) but I couldn’t help it, it’s used in the way a group member uses it’s language in a positive way.

The “Big One” as I call Fredrik, is both goofy and cutthroat (in my mind, as Wendy Williams likes to say.)   Somehow he does maintain a likeability-because he’s so outspoken that he wants to the top real estate agent like in the Universe!  That openness renders him hard to hate- even when I see arm twisting going on.  Like with his husband about having a child.  I hate to say this publicly but I don’t know if marriage will last. I’m intuitive and I sense a dominance that could (if unchecked) kill the love there.

Ryan– uggh well to me he’s bland. I say that even though I love his gestures to his girlfriend (fiance) they are grand gestures- but he’s so snarky, but without Frekriks quirks- leg kick anyone?  The dancing in Central Park and empty Times Square marriage proposal was a gem.

Ok so Luis is my favorite on the show.  Why? 

I love an underdog and he’s it on the show- he seems like he’s always being slighted.  But not to dwell on that, he’s fiery, I like his brio.  His emotionality is what makes him compelling to watch.  I always feel that I’m getting what’s inside, not a veneered version like with some of the others.  Luis:

  • arguably wears a suit better than the others
  • maintains the most perfect swoop of lacquered hair.  Hmmm…oh
  • I’m from Jamaica and identify with him as a bit of an outsider to the high glam world of NY real estate.

Anyway, I’d be remiss to not remind you that if you need any copywriting for your real estate website do contact me, I’d love to spruce up your bio on the company website or your own About page!  If you’re not into real estate, you just need a copywriter- that’s ok I’ll still be your copysmith, and polish that page up for yah.


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