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The world of real estate sales is uber competitive, especially in the NYC, NJ, CT metropolitan area. 

I’m a real estate copywriter and I know you need any advantage to stand out and reach high quality clients.

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Chelsea: one of the “hottest” real estate neighborhoods in NYC right now.

As a real estate agent you’re busy enough, and writing may not be your specialty or the best use of your time.  Let me be an important part of your inbound marketing strategy.

Let me provide you with compelling, engaging copy.  I provide copy-writing services and create excellent:

Real estate agent biographies

You want to dazzle the best clients, but it’s hard to write about yourself!  Let me help polish you up in sparkling text, as a copywriter I will make you sound like your best self.  Together, we will figure out your goals, what to highlight, what local areas to mention and what achievements and interests make you shine!

Real estate property descriptions

There’s no penalty for using the standard descriptions on your website, Google understand the unique quirks of real estate listings.  BUT for those special properties that you really want to get seen- unique content that pulls out the best qualities of the home, can get more website views. 

Higher end properties need to sound enticing, to evoke a mood and a lifestyle.  A dry list of attributes doesn’t convey that, and may be among the reasons why a property languishes on the market.

Blurry House on nyc real estate copywriter page Real estate blog writing

You know that content marketing is important, so you’ve started a real estate blog.  But it’s hard to keep up because of time constraints and other issues.  Wouldn’t you love to have a conversation with me and get your quick notes & briefs turned into great local content that grows traffic over time? And having a real estate blog helps to establish you as an authority in the industry and in the neighborhoods you want to have clients in.

Real estate blog management (content strategist)

I take more off of your plate!  Your blog content planning,  calendar, research and copywriting is all handled for you.  Get in touch and see what I can do for you.

Check out some of my blog post & get a sense of my work:


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