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SEO, (search engine optimization) Services- Based in Ithaca; serving Cortland, Syracuse & Beyond

SEO is a series of ongoing steps to get your site in front of rankings for search terms- “keywords” that new customers are using.  My goal is to get you on page one for terms that will draw in business from your area.  The internet is vast but really there are billions of “internets.”

Local SEO Consultant Services for Small Business:
I’ve gotten small business to show up on page 1 of Google for their key (search) words, when they were previously buried deep in the local results. Search engine optimization for small business can lead to more sales.

What is SEO, website marketing, internet marketing?  The former term is the one used in the industry-search engine optimization or SEM-search engine marketing.  It basically means getting your local small business’ website to rank highly on Google, Yahoo or Bing search engines.  To rank highly means that-new customers (who don’t know your business name) when they search for your product or service-you business comes up as a result– hopefully on page 1!


“I just checked and we are on page 1 with… (key words.) That’s great.” R.M. Owner, NWITL, CT.

“I can strongly recommend Kala Viv Williams for your website… I started seeing results the first week. I now open my morning emails and am not surprised to see an inquiry about our services. We also continue to place well on Google by following Kala’s rules…we are very pleased with the results.” –Tom Porter, President Elite Home Health Agency, Inc

SEO RESULTS: On Page 1 right below paid ads /out of 219,000 results!Small Business SEO consultants proof- pic of SERP results

Contact me for an SEO Consultation, or call 413.200.8230 leaving best times to reach you.

local seo consultant SEO proof of websites ranking

SEO RESULTS:  #’s pulled from NYC location using a search engine ranking tool that pulls Google data, show local ranking success of website to promote private yoga lessons.  “Curr” is current # out of all listings (not page #,) all are on page one in positions: 6, 7, 10, 4.  

SEO Proof SERP results of rankings

SEO RESULTS: Welding School (1) showing top of pg.–circled is #1,140,000 of results!

SEO consultants SEO results Proof for Welding Company

SEO RESULTS: Welding School (2) showing them on pg. one out of #1,140,000 of results!

I’m an affordable effective, small business, based in NYC;  I work with small business regionally and nationally.  Why work with me?

  • Why hire an ocean liner if a sailboat will get you there? I’m the little guy (gal) I move fast and am nimble.
  • If you mean “local” as in based in my area, know that many sites that come up as  “local seo company” are actually based in other states or India!   The benefits of being U.S. based and NYC metro area is that I am more accessible to you, and am a native English speaker.  Now local SEO also means showing up in local search specifically.  So perhaps you are looking for both.
  • Unlike a big New York SEO agency,  who has to pay –sky high office rents, numerous staff and advertising, I specialize in local and organic SEO for small business and I’m affordable.
  • As a solo SEO consultant and web designer, my overhead is low I only hire others as needed depending on the project. I pass savings on to you.
  • Your project will get my complete focus, I’ve just moved back to NYC and want to build my portfolio, so my prices are discounted.

I’ve gotten small business sites to page 1 of Google!  Some of my “White Hat” SEO Techniques:

  • First consult with you re: business goals and current situation
  • Analyze your website-keywords, page rank, load speed, other on-page and off, optimization issues
  • Analyze your competitors websites, same as above
  • Develop a keyword theme plan
  • Develop a strategy of various ways to rank for chosen search terms
  • Strategy might include: seo content, videos, content submission strategy
  • Optimize websites back-end
  • Link building-key respected organizations or respected websites only
  • Directory listings

What is Local SEO:

If you are looking for local seo services, a New York seo company to do website marketing for your small business-consider hiring me to get results!  Local SEO usually means showing up in the list results that Google serves above the organic search results.  Only in some business niches does this happen.   So my aim would be to determine the best route to get a business to rank, either organically or in local listings.

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