Freelance Blogger Services for Business

Freelance Blogger Services, all packages can include:*

    • SEO Research: find gaps in your content based on company goals and customer needs/wants.
    • Create a content strategy that aligns with those goals.
    • Supporting image (creative commons lic.) that is SEO optimized
    • Writing & Editing
    • Additional optimization of post with SEO plugin* (post gets found better by search engines)
    • Upload content to your website CMS for publication.
    • Social media sharing via plugin (1x) of each post,* when post is published.  So those already following your brand know there is new content.  Build brand awareness in potential customers.
    • Strongly recommended that you staff to share the content regularly over social media channels. For example on Twitter each post can be shared 4x’s or so a day mixed in with other business & industry content.

*Plugins are assumed to be already installed and in place on website.

Below I’ll link to an article on the many benefits of having a blog and updating it with content regularly.(1)  The benefits of of having an ongoing business blog are:

  • More traffic.  This is a key part of any SEO strategy– inbound marketing or  is what will attract potential customers to your website above all the others in the local area and industry
  • Lead generation: more email subscribers & business leads by using content marketing to attract site visitors
  • Better social media engagement with customers by sharing content, tips, helpful advice.  Helps to establish a connection and a brand voice

The more high quality content on your website the higher you will rank in search results.  That’s when folks are shopping for or wanting info on your services/products!


with a two month* minimum.

  • 4 POSTS:  1 blog post weekly (500-800 word) = $400- 500
  • 8 POSTS:  2 blog posts weekly (500-800 word)= $800-1,000 Most Popular!!
  • 12 POSTS: 3 blog posts weekly (500-800 word)= $1,200- 1,500

Beautiful pen, freelance blogger symbol*Why do I insist on a two month minimum?  You may already know there is a lag in getting a site’s contents indexed by search engines and ranking takes time.  Ranking your business site higher- improves with each bit of content.  Think of it like slowly building up a hill or mountain, it’s a process- each post, video (whatever content you add) puts a layer onto the eventual mountain you are building to stand above others in the industry.

Exact pricing depends on several factors unique to your needs:

  1. Will blog post topic be provided for each post by marketing team?
  2. Or will I have only suggestions based on our consult/questionnaire into your goals?  If the latter this requires keyword research and competitive analysis by me.
  3. Also if plugins need to be installed and set up or is that already done by web designer?
  4. Blogging is not a reported story- requiring interviews, which obviously take quite a bit more time.

Schedule a free helpful, no obligation consult and then get a package price quote in writing.  If you need full services then a Content Strategist role is necessary.  We can discuss your needs during consultation.

Resources:  Positive Impact of Business Blogging

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