Writing Services

Freelance Writing Services: 

Business benefits of having quality written content:

Get more traffic: by creating web content that ranks for the keyword/themes customers are searching for.

Build engaged readership, who over time take the steps you want:  they join your email list, consider  you an authority in a niche, and eventually buy from your business.

Content marketing is a key way to get folks to know and trust you!  And help Google and other search engines find you.

My goal is high quality content, as a copywriter I create clear copy that speaks for your business-relevant, helpful or entertaining content that engages and educates your target audience.


  • Construction companies
  • Dental offices
  • Spas
  • Real estate agents
  • Caterers
  • Membership organizations


  • Product descriptions for online stores
  • Created articles from audio recordings
  • Blog posts
  • Web page copywriting (About, Home etc.)

I combine my savvy in search engine optimized copy, great writing skills and desire to help (I’m a certified yoga teacher,) together in one package.

Beautiful pen, freelance blogger symbolHow it works:

ASK ABOUT BLOGGING PACKAGES!  Or 1X webpage copywriting.

Drop me a quick line via Contact Form, that sets up a Free 15 min. phone consult!  If I’m sure I can help then:

  1. I’ll email info (estimated price, deliverables, time frame we discussed) and you can enter and flesh out that info & hire me via:  Elance or
    UPwork click green “Hire Me” button on my profile.  Elance/UPwork is great as it offers protection, such as benchmarks and tools that make it easy for us to work together & communicate especially at first.
  2. Once I’m officially hired- a short but incisive questionnaire will be sent to you.  This is what’s so great about hiring a writer directly.  Your content won’t be generic– because I’ll find out about you + your business + audience and goals– we’ll get to the heart of the matter in a gentle way, so I can get to the fun part!
  3. I get to writing your blog posts, or website copy after getting your questionnaire!  Within the time frame we agreed on,  I deliver wonderful, tailored copy to your door– (well ok to your email box.)  Cool.

Wash, rinse, repeat.  I want to work with you on an ongoing basis, the more I understand how your business ticks, the clearer and more precisely I can write for  you.

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