SEO, Content Writer Services for NJ Small Business

Football Players illus. SEO as battle to topMy SEO Consulting service for NJ small business, helps make getting to the top of search engines a less bruising battle.

I serve businesses in New Jersey including,  Jersey City, Newark, Patterson, Edison, Hoboken, Montclair and other areas.

The fact that you are reading this in New Jersey, is proof of my SEO skills.  Every website that I’ve tried to get to page one of Google has gotten there.  My SEO prices are reasonable as I’m building my portfolio, see some of my SEO successes.

My current focus is on content strategy, basically overall management and production of your business blog content on a contract basis.  And copy-writing for you static website pages as well, so they are optimized with high quality content.  Quality writing that will stand the test of Google updates and most importantly educate and build trust in potential customers!

SEO consultants obviously are expert at getting their business to rankso if one is able to rank well in your area, you can be pretty sure they know what they are doing, as they had to beat out other skilled SEO’s to do it.  BUT Not all SEO companies do this ethically.

Some SEO companies use what are called “black hat seo” techniques. I don’t. “Black hat” means bad guys, remember in old westerns, the good guys wore “white hats?”  Black hat techniques include buying spammy (low quality) links-that may actually harm your website.  And get it banned from Google!  I don’t bother.

My WHITE HAT SEO method:

For most New Jersey small business wanting to rank locally, I find inbound links are not as important as other factors.  If your website is old (5-6 years) or has never had any SEO work-often all it needs is to have factors done, such as:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Competition analysis, then
  • On-site optimization including:
  • Keyword rich content suggested or  SEO writing contracted for
  • Other content optimization strategies
  • Internal links
  • Content submission strategies

How is are SEO Services Priced?

Typically a business contracts for a period of 3-6 months.  At that point agreed upon target results are achieved.  Then it’s recommended to have SEO consultant-continually working on/monitoring the site so the rankings are not lost.  So a monthly retainer amount is set.  I will tell you if you don’t need that followup-depending on the competitiveness of your field you may stay fine for a year or more.  The problem is search engine optimization is like a horse race or a marathon, others are not resting-as new business enters a market or old competitors get wise and also start website marketing.

Also Google & Bing continually update their algorithms- ranking tools, so it’s natural to fluctuate but one can also plunge back into obscurity too.

What to Start an SEO Campaign with Content Marketing?

It doesn’t really matter that your  business is based in Jersey, SEO work is done digitally, contact is maintained via email and phone 413.200.8230 (c); you’re busy, there is actually never a need to meet in person.   Hire me attract more traffic to your website-I graduated from Rutgers U., New Brunswick campus with a masters in fine art.  Now years later, I’ve taken my fine art background and used it put together clear, easy to navigate websites for small business.  Even more important is search engine optimization my primary focus– if you have a pretty site but no one sees it-its not effective.

Fill out my SEO contact form or look around at my home or blog page-read what I’ve written on SEO, and make a decision to get more customers. The ROI of SEO can be outstanding.

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