About Me

I started blogging in 2008, as a hobby after leaving a brutal work environment in academia.  Eventually because I wanted readers, I became obsessed with the art of SEO (search engine optimization.)  As I was unemployed, I spent hours daily– I read, studied and experimented.  I’d start and stop various blogs on yoga or my art and slowly I began to notice they would start to rank well, if I did certain things.  

Because I wanted readers for my own sites, I became obsessed with the art of SEO (search engine optimization) and became very good at it.  My own sites would rank very highly.  And that became the best part-I love watching a previously buried site begin rising through the ranks.

I began writing for hire, starting part-time, in 2011.  I have a gift for search engine optimized content that is readable, fresh & engaging.  No anonymous writer, I’m invested in your success, because that means you will hire me- again and again! 

As it’s hard to decide to work with someone online, I’ll tell you a bit about me as a person. 

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PigeonFullI’m a Renaissance Soul (Amazon link,) check out the book if you suspect you are too. A Renaissance Soul loves to do different things and enjoys the challenge, they value the journey and learning new skills. Not in any particular order: I was a tenured art professor, teaching painting, drawing and design. I’ve worked at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, as an educator.

I ran my own yoga studio early on in the yoga boom.  I’m a certified yoga teacher.  I was 14. Growing up in the Bronx, in a working class family, I happened upon the word “yoga” in TV Guide.   Always curious, I wanted to know what it meant.

Yoga helped me through a rigorous college program.  As a product of inner city public schools, this was an intense challenge & change of environment.  I then went to art school and got my M.F.A.

Some Facts & Favorites:


My sketch of Michaelangelo’s “David.” while in Italy

  • Country to visit: Italy!  I love Venice and Florence
  • Food: Chocolate.   Is that even a question?
  • Artist:  Vermeer
  • TV: I don’t watch much but am addicted to Scandal.  I Enjoy: House of Cards, oh and fun- Sleepy Hollow.
  • Meditation: I’ve silently meditated for 6 weeks, 10 hours or so a day on meditation retreats! Hard to believe if you knew how chatty I am.
  • Monks: I adore Burmese monks, don’t know why.  That’s who I usually study meditation with, and they are the strictest- I like the discipline.
  • College: First in the family to attend college- Mt. Holyoke College, and don’t say “girls school,” it’s a “women’s college.” 😉  Part of what used to be called the Seven Sisters group of colleges.
  • Massage Therapy: Trained in massage therapy, both Western & Eastern
  • MovieThe English Patient; classic old movie Casablanca

I’d love to talk with you about how I can support your business goals! Let’s set up a free 15 min. initial consult.

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