Welcome. I'm a content writer/freelance copywriter, based out of New York City. I work with business, agencies, or web developers that need copywriting or blogging services

I write for clients all over the US, providing high quality seo (search engine optimized) content that is well written and engaging. I started out by blogging in 2008, as a hobby after leaving academia, (I was a tenured professor.)

As a website copywriter my services are:

  • Business Blogging
  • Quality SEO Copywriting
  • Content Strategist for your business
  • Freelance Copywriter-About, Company pages
  • Health & Holistic Wellness, Real Estate, Fine Art/Design, Higher Education, Non-profits doing great work
  • But as an former professor, I can research any topic thoroughly

But before we go on, I've gotta give you the bitter truth-whether you work with me or not, it's true.

  • I hope you weren't thinking "I'll hire someone for $8 an hour to write a few pages for my website, maybe someone from India. And I'll buy a bunch of links..." Poor investment and so, so.... 2009. You're business is worth more than that.
  • Generic content no longer RANKS! That’s because- it’s 2015 no-one wants to read bland copy, not Google and not people.
  • Websites that have "thin," filler content that doesn't deliver, fall in the rankings.

A good copywriter helps lift rankings.


Website visitors have questions they want answered, via content marketing a relationship can be built. And voila, they become customers over time.

My Approach:

portrait freelance writer nyc, nj, ct I've been writing for the web for 6+ years and I have a gift for search engine optimized content that is readable, fresh & engaging. That took me down a meandering path into writing as a sub-contractor. From construction companies to caterers if they need help, as a content writer I'd provide copywriting via "content farms," (low cost, often low quality writing marketplaces.) Working that way started to bother me. Why? I'd have tips for the company:
  • like a better, more catchy title or
  • other posts they should do in a series.

I care about the why!*

The professor in me couldn't help but have questions. But that wasn't allowed when working for content farms, you just are expected to churn out the work, often in a very short time.

I knew I could do so much more for these small businesses.

Better questions= better answers.

Hiring a freelance writer directly rather than using a content farms or content mills-as they are called is more expensive upfront-but the results will be better in the long term. What you get is quality work. As your copywriter or content strategist- I'm invested in your success, because that means you will hire me- again and again! *See famous, inspirational TED Talk by Simon Sinek called: How Great Leaders Inspire Action, it's a must see for innovative small business owners. Serving clients in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Mass., and beyond (U.S.)