Welcome. I'm a content writer/freelance copywriter, based out of New York City. I work with business, agencies, or web developers that need copywriting or blogging services.

I write for clients all over the US, providing high quality seo (search engine optimized) content that is also well written and engaging. I started out by blogging as a hobby, after leaving academia, (I was a tenured professor.)

As a website copywriter my services are:

  • Business blogging
  • Content Strategist for your business
  • Freelance Copywriter-About, Company pages
  • Quality seo copywriting
  • Specialty Areas: Health & Holistic Wellness, Real Estate, Fine Art/Design, Higher Education

But before we go on, I've gotta give you the bitter truth-whether you work with me or not, it's true.

  • I hope you weren't thinking "I'll hire someone for $8 an hour to write a few pages for my website, maybe someone from India. And I'll buy a bunch of links..." Poor investment and so, so.... 2009. You're business is worth more than that.
  • Generic content no longer RANKS! That’s because- it’s 2015 no-one wants to read bland copy, not Google and not people.
  • Websites that have "thin," filler content that doesn't deliver, fall in the rankings. A good copywriter helps lift rankings.
The point of content marketing, is to get attention: from engaged, informed readers who develop trust in your brand. It does no good to just stuff your website with uninspired, bland copy, maybe it used to work but no more.

Website visitors have questions they want answered, via content marketing a relationship can be built. And voila, they become customers over time.


How I Approach Work

portraitPinkscarfSo, I've been copywriting for the web for 6+ years and I have a gift for search engine optimized content that is readable, fresh & engaging. That took me down a meandering path into writing as a sub-contractor. From construction companies to caterers if they need help, as a content writer I'd provide copywriting via "content farms." Working that way started to bother me. Why? I'd have tips for the company:
  • like a better, more catchy title or
  • other posts they should do in a series.

I care about the why!*

The professor in me couldn't help but have questions. But that wasn't allowed when working for content farms, you just are expected to churn out the work, often in a very short time.

I knew I could do so much more for these small businesses.

Better questions= better answers.

Hiring a a writer directly rather than using a content farms or content mills-as they are called is more expensive. But what you get is quality work: you're not one of hundreds of clients that content is being churned out for. No anonymous writer, as your copywriter or content strategist- I'm invested in your success, because that means you will hire me- again and again!
*See famous, inspirational TED Talk by Simon Sinek called: How Great Leaders Inspire Action, it's a must see for innovative small business owners.
Serving clients in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Mass., and beyond (U.S.)